[FFmpeg-user] Artefacts when recording an rtsp stream

lucian orasanu o_lucian at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 15 09:16:08 CEST 2013

>>I'am trayng to record an stream from an hikvision >>DS=2CD2032-I, with command >>ffmpeg -i rtsp://  > I tested the stream several times, either I get many 
> distortions and many lines of "RTP: missed x packets" 
> on the console, or no messages and perfect reception. > I am not sure if there is something that can be fixed 
> in FFmpeg. > Carl Eugen
But this is happening even if camera is connected directly to the pc with an ethernet cable!!
speed is too high?
i have an stream recorded with camera! maybe if i upload the file to my server you can analyze the file and see if ffmpeg should handle that format?

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