[FFmpeg-user] Hardcoding subtitles

Oliver Fromme oliver at fromme.com
Thu Jul 4 12:36:53 CEST 2013

Paul B Mahol wrote:
 > On 7/3/13, Oliver Fromme <oliver at fromme.com> wrote:
 > > [...]
 > > The first problem was that ffmpeg didn't want to read the VOBSUB
 > > files directly, no matter what I tried.  It seemed to be unable
 > > to detect the format automatically, and I was unable to find out
 > > how to specify it on the command line.  I probably tried more
 > > than 20 variantions, without success.  However, it's not a big
 > > deal:  I just wrapped the VOBSUB stream into an MKV container
 > Yes, it is big deal, if you want bug fixed, provide sample and open bug report.

It doesn't appear to be a bug, I think.  It seems that reading
"raw" VOBSUB .idx files is simply not supported.  Also, it's
not mentioned anywhere in the manual page or in the wiki.

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