[FFmpeg-user] Inaccurate trimming with re-encoding

thljcl jiachielee at live.com
Tue Aug 6 20:33:09 CEST 2013

cmharwood89 wrote
> I stand corrected. Thanks a ton for taking the time to explain that. I'm
> definitely going to try this out. It looks like mkvtoolnix has a command
> line execution, so I should be able to execute everything
> programmatically.

I typically write batch file to let ffmpeg execute a list of encoding jobs,
instead of writing a line of command directly in command processor. In my
previous posts of “Create slideshow with ffmpeg from still images” at
I even published the batch files I created. As promised, I did remove the
slideshow with slides of varying length together with the batch file from
I did try to include mkvtoolnix command in my batch file. Theoretically, it
should work. In practice, when it comes to creating batch file, I did make
careless mistakes quite often. The more complex the batch file got, the
harder for me to iron out the problems. I use the GUI front end because of
the ease of use. The visual feedback does help to reduce careless mistakes.
On the other hand, I do appreciate automated processes, if not I would not
prefer creating batch files for different tasks. So, at the end, I use the
combination of command-line UI and GUI. If you are a person who is extremely
careful and rarely make careless mistakes, I would admit that doing job
programmatically sounds a lot better.
GUI front end for x264 does exist, such as HandBrake. HandBrake even has a
command-line front end. But I eventually choose ffmpeg (as x264 front end)
instead of HandBrake because of the number of options I got from ffmpeg. I
do like more functionalities, features, or options, whatever you might call
them. I do not necessarily prefer one over another; it really depends on the
usage scenarios. I still keep HandBrake around.

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