[FFmpeg-user] Can the rtmp stream published by Flash Media Encoder be read by ffmpeg?

paulj at fastmail.es paulj at fastmail.es
Tue Apr 30 17:05:10 CEST 2013

> >
> >         I'm using the latest one too. Be aware that you need to add to
> > FMLE not just the URL
> > (with the path to the Java app in the end), but also the "stream"
> > parameter. That tripped me
> > up in the beginning.
> >
> >
> >                                   Paulo.
> >
> Hi Paulo,
> Do you need to open up anything more than port 1935?
> I'm using the default FMLE parameters, rtmp://xx.xx.xx.xx/live and
> livestream
> Do I need to configure Red5 with the stream as well? I'm probably just
> missing something in the Red5 config.

	Nope, that port is fine. The key, though, is that those parameters (the URL and the 
value of the "stream" parameter) correspond to the path and name of the Java app that is 
listening on the server. I already uninstalled Red5, but from what I remember, the default app 
that came with it was in the directory "live/" and had the name "stream"; thus, your URL 
should be "rtmp://x.x.x.x/live" and the "stream" parameter needs to have the value "stream".
	Check it out in your Red5 install, in any case, since as I said, I already uninstalled it 
from my machine.


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