[FFmpeg-user] Can the rtmp stream published by Flash Media Encoder be read by ffmpeg?

jacky renaux.jacky at orange.fr
Mon Apr 29 08:43:03 CEST 2013

Le 28/04/2013 18:15, Robert Reinhardt a écrit :
> FMLE can connect to any RTMP-enabled server; I'm not sure why you're having
> problems with Red5 specifically. The most popular RTMP-enabled server by
> far is Wowza Media Server
> (www.wowza.com<https://owa.themakers.com/owa/robert@videorx.com/14.1.438.0/scripts/premium/redir.aspx?C=fed1a175b58349aaa5025cf832082548&URL=http%3a%2f%2fwww.wowza.com>);
> like Red5, it's Java based, but the Wowza community is excellent. I use
> Wowza with most of my clients, and I built videoRx.com streaming on top of
> Wowza. (I have a long history with Flash-based video; wrote the Flash
> Bible, ActionScript Bible, and web video books.)
> I'd recommend installing the latest developer version of Wowza (free).
> Best,
> Robert
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>> So continuing on this thread... It seems to me that Flash Media Live
>> Encoder now only works with Flash Media Server. It doesn't seem to be
>> able
>> to connect to any other server.
>> I installed the latest Red5, but FMLE will not connect to it.
>> Has anyone been successful in connecting FMLE to anything other than
>> FMS?
>          Actually, I did manage to get FMLE to connect to Red5... or at
> least I didn't get any
> errors. What I couldn't do was to to get ffmpeg to connect as a client (a
> "viewer") to Red5 to
> receive that stream.
>          What happened when you tried it? In my case, FMLE connected and
> streamed
> without any errors, and Red5's logs seemed to indicate that it was
> receiving the stream
> correctly (...I think; I had a hard time understanding Red5's logs, mostly
> because I didn't
> understand how it worked internally).
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I am doing quite the same without any problem
-FMLE 3 and red5 0.9 rc1

    on FMLE :

        fms url : rtmp://my_ip/oflaDemo
        stream : channel1           as you want

    on player
              add   = rtmp://my_ip/oflaDemo
              $file  = channel1           same as above

then I can get the stream sent by FMLE and there is no problem to read 
with ffmpeg (-i rtmp://my_ip/oflaDemo/$file)
I havent yet found the way to have red5 recording while streaming, but 
FMLE is doing so


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