[FFmpeg-user] Can the rtmp stream published by Flash Media Encoder be read by ffmpeg?

paulj at fastmail.es paulj at fastmail.es
Sun Apr 28 14:47:45 CEST 2013

> So continuing on this thread... It seems to me that Flash Media Live
> Encoder now only works with Flash Media Server. It doesn't seem to be
> able
> to connect to any other server.
> I installed the latest Red5, but FMLE will not connect to it.
> Has anyone been successful in connecting FMLE to anything other than
> FMS?

	Actually, I did manage to get FMLE to connect to Red5... or at least I didn't get any 
errors. What I couldn't do was to to get ffmpeg to connect as a client (a "viewer") to Red5 to 
receive that stream.
	What happened when you tried it? In my case, FMLE connected and streamed 
without any errors, and Red5's logs seemed to indicate that it was receiving the stream 
correctly (...I think; I had a hard time understanding Red5's logs, mostly because I didn't 
understand how it worked internally).


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