[FFmpeg-user] Intent of -copyinkf and non-key frames in video stream copy

Doug Handy doug at doughandy.com
Sun Apr 21 05:57:48 CEST 2013


> If your input video does not start with a keyframe, 
> the option allows you not to start stream copying 
> with the first keyframe (this is the defaul 
> behaviour), but with the first frame of the 
> input stream (no matter if it is a keyframe or 
> not).

In my use case, it isn't the video stream per se that does not start with a keyframe.  Rather, it is a trim point that I'd like to be frame accurate even while doing a stream copy instead of transcode.  So that even when the point where I want to extract a subset does not start on a key frame, for performance reasons I was hoping -copyinkf would let me start anywhere

I think I just into the argument description what I wanted it to mean.  :)

But that is why I was asking for clarification here first instead of submitting a bug report.  Sounds like it could well be working as designed; just not the feature I was hoping it would be.


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