[FFmpeg-user] HTML5 live streaming

Ricardo Kleemann ricardo at americasnet.com
Sun Apr 21 02:35:13 CEST 2013


I've been searching around for solutions to use ffmpeg to do live streaming
to html5.

I understand that for iOS I need a segmenter?

I've installed the latest ffmpeg and also m3u8-segmenter from git, but I'm
not really sure how to use it. The m3u8-segmenter site has an example like

ffmpeg -loglevel quiet  -i big_buck_bunny.ogv -f mpegts - | \
  m3u8-segmenter -i - -d 10 -p tmp/big_buck_bunny -m tmp/big_buck.m3u8
-u http://inodes.org/bigbuck/

But in terms of an HTML5 page source, how would I access the stream that is
being generated by the segmenter?

Is there a simpler way to use ffmpeg for live streaming?


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