[FFmpeg-user] Behavior of igndts

Ory Drilon ory at drilon.com
Mon Apr 15 10:42:22 CEST 2013

Could I get a more detailed explanation of the igndts flag? The most detail
I can dig up is the header comment that says it "Ignore[s] DTS on frames
that contain both DTS & PTS" during decoding. What does ffmpeg do with
these DTSes if the flag is not specified?

I'm wondering if I can blindly enable this flag for every file I convert,
since a few of my video input files result in output that's twice the
duration of input! I'm guessing that erroneous DTSes from input files cause
ffmpeg to double the amount of frames or the duration of each frame in the
output, since enabling igndts fixes these bad conversions.

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