[FFmpeg-user] Problem of PTS for video segmentation

Guillaume Chanel Guillaume.Chanel at unige.ch
Mon Apr 15 10:17:50 CEST 2013

Thanks Carl for getting interest in my question,

I am not very sure I can compile a version of ffmpeg for Ubuntu easily (as I understood several conflicts can occurs with libav ?). This is why I use the the recommended PPA here:
If you have any advice on this point (like don't be worried and just go for the compilation) I will take it with pleasure.

Anyway, I moved to windows and installed the pre-compiled version N-52045-g694fa00 which is from 12 April 2013.

The result is almost exactly the same. The only difference it in the showinfo filter which now displays all the frames information, starting from the beginning of the file. Before it was starting at the  time indicated by the -ss option. But the segmentation remains the same and the time stamps obtained by ffprobe also. Using the "-copytb 1" option did not change anything either.

While waiting for your answer I will try the segmentation filter proposed as an answer to another post this past week-end.

Keep me aware,


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