[FFmpeg-user] Correct fps value for h.264 stream

Oliver Fromme oliver at fromme.com
Wed Apr 10 10:03:54 CEST 2013

Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
 > Oliver Fromme <oliver <at> fromme.com> writes:
 > > So, the question remains: 
 > > What is wrong with the original h.264 stream?
 > As I tried to explain there is not necessarily 
 > anything wrong with your stream, FFmpeg does not 
 > read all kinds of timestamps from H264 (this is 
 > apparently not a trivial task).

I see.  However, my hardware media player (black box)
doesn't play that particular file correctly either,
while it doesn't have any problems with other h.264
files.  That's why I suspect there is something wrong
with that particular stream.

 > I assumed (as said I am not sure I understand 
 > your original problem) that you want to 
 > manually fix the framerate when re-encoding 
 > your raw h264 stream with ffmpeg (this is at 
 > least what users have repeatedly tried to do, 
 > I did not even realize for quite some time 
 > that it is supposed to work): This was broken 
 > for some versions and is fixed in git head.

Ok.  Indeed, when I re-encode the stream, the problem
disappears, even when I use the "old" ffmpeg version from
the FreeBSD ports collection (1.0.5).  So ffmpeg works
perfectly fine when re-encoding.

My point is just that I would like to avoid re-encoding
the stream, because this is not lossless.  My question
was whether it is possible to fix the stream without
re-encoding.  Unfortunately it seems that's not possible.
(But that's not ffmpeg's fault, of course; it's probably
rather a limitation of the x264 code, I guess.)

Anyway -- Thank you very much for your efforts!

Best regards


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