[FFmpeg-user] Scanty information about video when using libxvid or 'vtag' option

Andrey Aleksandrovich andrey.aleksandrovich at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 8 21:00:21 CEST 2013

I observed, that using libxvid makes scanty info about video.
For example, this command:
ffmpeg -y -i video.avi -an -q:v 3 -t 20 mpeg4.avi
makes video with characteristics (MediaInfo):

and the one below
ffmpeg -y -i video.avi -an -c:v libxvid -qscale 3 -t 20 xvid.avi
makes appropriate:

The same is when using '-vtag xvid' option with default mpeg4 codec.
I need fourcc 'xvid' to play video on my standalone DVD-player. But I
also want to understand why there's so little information in these

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