[FFmpeg-user] Which parameter for WEBM VP8/Vorbis quality depending on resolution?

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Mon Apr 8 11:28:53 CEST 2013

> On 03.04.2013 19:33 Lou wrote:
>> Tom Evans wrote:
>>> You can use the -crf argument, which sets a quality setting for the
>>> final video, not a bitrate. I believe this works with libvpx.
>> [...]
>> Seems it does not work. Default 200 kb/s stays active all the time.
>> Are there other options?
> See the vpx (WebM) Encoding Guide:
> https://ffmpeg.org/trac/ffmpeg/wiki/vpxEncodingGuide

It is solved now. My problem was:

-crf is trying to use some bitrate, but -b:v must be set much
higher - the default is so ridiculous low that it is useless.
It makes no sense for me to treat some value, that is being used
as real bitrate for variable bitrate, as upper bound for
constant bitrate which may not be achieved by far. Max bitrate is
a complete different meaning than target bitrate and imho should
be a different parameter. With a high default value.

Maybe the documentation of -crf could state that more clearly.

Mohan G: It seems the -quality setting is more a minor tweak
than setting a real quality or bitrate. The hint did not help,
but thank you for the try also ;).

I will unsubscribe soon as my problem is solved. Thank you for
the help!

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