[FFmpeg-user] Tee Muxer

Nicolas George nicolas.george at normalesup.org
Mon Apr 1 10:36:06 CEST 2013

Le duodi 12 germinal, an CCXXI, Yugant Khanna a écrit :
> ffmpeg -f dshow -r 25 -i video="Decklink Video Capture":audio=
> "Decklink Audio Capture" -vcodec dvvideo -pix_fmt yuv411p -vb 2M -acodec
> pcm_s24le -f segment -segment_time 10 -segment_list test.m3u8
> -segment_format dvsd -f tee -map 0:0 -map 0:1  "D#%05d.mxf|[f=dvsd]rtp://

You can not use the tee muxer like that: format options must go inside the
segment pseudo-URL, just like you wrote "[f=dvsd]". That would mean
something like that, with your options:

-f tee '[f=segment:segment_time=10:segment_list=test.m3u8:segment_format=dvsd]D#%05d.mxf|[f=dvsd]rtp://'

Also, I believe segment_format=dvsd does not exist.


  Nicolas George
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