[FFmpeg-user] Quicktime In and Out points

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Tue Nov 27 18:01:06 CET 2012

Mark Chandler <mchandler <at> juiceproductionsinc.com> writes:

> we typically use Quicktime Pro to trim out the extra elements 
> at the head and tail. If we do this using the QuickTime player 
> and simply save the file it takes virtually no time at all, 
> as opposed to exporting or saving as which can take some 
> time. The problem is that the data isn't actually removed 
> from the streams, so when I use ffmpeg to encode the file it 
> encodes the full file including the countdown etc. 

> Does ffmpeg have the ability to read these ins and outs from 
> the mov file and then encode based on them? 

You seem to be the one who can (and did) answer the question;-)

Please provide a sample, Carl Eugen

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