[FFmpeg-user] Using ffmpeg to split a file

vsethi at iglou.com vsethi at iglou.com
Sun Nov 25 00:55:48 CET 2012

I wrote:

>> ffmpeg -i file.mpg -c:v copy -c:a copy -t 00:58:22 fileout.mpg
>> ffmpeg -i file.mpg -codec copy -acodec copy -t 00:58:33 fileout.mpg
>> Whether as a result of this or not, although ffplay 
>> plays the audio on the new file, no other software 
>> that I've tried so far can do so so playback is silent.

Carl Eugen wrote:

> Sounds like ticket #1720 but this is difficult to guess 
> without complete, uncut console output.

Thanks for your reply.  What output do you need?  From ffmpeg during the
truncation process?  Will ffprobe on the two files be sufficient?

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