[FFmpeg-user] mouse position + set of images = movie ???

Warstone@list.ru warstone at list.ru
Thu Nov 22 17:32:17 CET 2012

I have set of images (time between each other is fluctuationg) and coordinates of mouse movies and clicks. I need to combine it to movie...

Right now I'm solve this with ffmpeg and ImageMagic, but it seems that I can use only ffmpeg... What I'm doing:

Old algo: prepare every frame with ImageMagic and assemble video with image2 codec.

New algo:
1) Prepare set of movies with needed duration (one movie for one image)
2) Assemble it to one video.
3) Prepare sendcmd file with mouse move
4) assemble it.

There is some problems with 3 and 4... I need to get 2 streams to sendcmd for overlay but it seems that this can't be done.

So... Is there a way to put mouse move to video using only ffmpeg??

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