[FFmpeg-user] NAV PACK System Clock Refrence.

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> Hello Carl,
> Accroding to DVD Standards Each Title set first VOB should always contain
> System clock refrence value = 0 in its first Navigation Pack.
> When I try to create a vob from ffmpeg command line using following
> command it doesn't seems valid.
>  ffmpeg -i VTS_01_1.VOB -target ntsc-dvd out.vob
> I try to look the value of Nav Pack 0 @ 000000 in VobEdit tool and it
> other then 0.

Isn't it really up to your DVD authoring program to correctly identify and
set the first title set VOB? Maybe I'm misguided, but I can't see how ffmpeg
would know where in the DVD layout this particular VOB would end up.

Or aren't you authoring to DVD but still want the ffmpeg output
DVD-compliant for some reason?

> Any idea how to fix this.
> Many thanks
> kifayat
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