[FFmpeg-user] Not able to change frame rate after conversion

shaiju janardhanan shaijujanardhanan at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 11:07:41 CET 2012


I am using ffmpeg to generate .264 format video files
For this i used a sample.wmv as input with fps of 30 and converted it to
h.264 format using libx264 encoding

Then the changed the extension of the file to .264

I then use this file for streaming.
My streaming app has as an option to change the streaming fps,
But after conversion this feature is not working...
I have some .264 files which i had downloaded from web...for these files
the frame change option is working fine.

It would be great if somebody can throw some light on why the frame rate
cannot be changed after conversion?

I used the following command for conversion

ffmpeg -i "input" -c:v libx264 "output"


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