[FFmpeg-user] Inverse Telecine (30fps to 24fps) targa sequence input

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Wed Nov 21 18:07:50 CET 2012

Derek Gebhart <derek <at> 4stroke.tv> writes:

> ffmpeg -y -framerate 30 -start_number 1 -i 
> Boxer_v5_ENG_SD30fps.%04d.tga -vf 
> format=yuv420p,mp=detc=am=0:dr=2:fr=0,yadif,setpts='N/(24000/1001*TB)' 
> -r 24000/1001 Test.mp4

I believe I already tried to explain in ticket #681:
First, you have to decide if your input material is 
interlaced or telecined. If it is telecined, it is 
possible to invert the process completely (to get back 
the original image quality) with an inverse telecine 
If your input material is interlaced it is already 
damaged irreversibly, you can use a de-interlace 
filter (like yadif) to reduce the brokenness, but I 
don't think you should combine an inverse telecine 
and a de-interlace filter.

(And I wonder if setpts would be at the right position 
if the filter combination were actually useful.)

Or am I completely wrong and this is what should be 
done with 50Hz interlaced PAL material recorded from 
NTSC dvb?

> This command line option, above with ("mp=detc"), 
> stops FFMPEG from working (crashes).

Please provide either a complete backtrace or a sample.

Carl Eugen

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