[FFmpeg-user] different filters to different outputs possible?

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Wed Nov 21 06:51:30 CET 2012


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> Subject: [FFmpeg-user] different filters to different outputs possible?
> Hello.
> I'm trying to figure out if it's possible, to, for instance, from one
> instance, pass different "end points" of a filter graph to different
> I know that ffmpeg can output to several "output file types"
> simultaneously, like:
> $ ffmpeg -i input output1 output2 output3
> Which seems to work well.
> My question is if it's possible to have different "filters" applied to
> output, or do they both get "the same output" (only one filter graph
> possible).  Ideally, you could do something like "scale one input, split
it and
> send one branch to an output, send the branch of the split through more
> filters, then to a different output".  Is this possible today?

I can't check right now, but isn't it simply a matter of command line
parameter sequencing? I.e. putting the required filter parameter/s in front
of each output respectively?

> Thanks!
> -roger-
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