[FFmpeg-user] Compiling source on RHEL 5.4

Emily W Watt emwatt2 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 00:43:05 CET 2012

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to determine how it is possible to build from the latest
source, ffmpeg on RHEL 5.4 The kernel version is 2.6, but when I try to run
the newest releases (i.e. ffmpeg 1.0 or below, until version 0.6.6), I
encounter a segmentation fault stating that my kernel is too old. As far as
I understand, 2.6 is the latest kernel that RHEL supports, even without
having the latest distribution of the OS (i.e. RHEL 6).

I do not have the option of building the daily repository snapshots, as
those require use of yum and an external web connection to download all the
libraries and dependencies that I don't have access to with my closed

Does anyone have any suggestions or am I possibly missing something more

Thanks very much for your help!

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