[FFmpeg-user] Overlay Filter Broken?

Nicolas George nicolas.george at normalesup.org
Thu Nov 15 20:25:25 CET 2012

Le quintidi 25 brumaire, an CCXXI, Andrew Ramberg a écrit :
> I would really appreciate help on this if possible but please don't
> reply with "read the docs". If everything worked like the docs said
> they should, many of the questions on this board wouldn't be
> there...  I've read what I could find in the docs on the movie
> filter and searched all over for an example that actually works with
> 0.10.6 and have yet to find one.

This kind of attitude makes me want not to help. Are you aware that you are
saying this to the one of persons responsible for the huge improvement of
ffmpeg's documentation in the last few years?

The documentation for the 0.10.6 release comes with the 0.10.6 release, in
the doc/ directory. The documentation for the movie and overlay filters have
been constantly kept up to date since way before the 0.10 branch.

> Here's my command again and the server response:
> *./ffmpeg -i rtsp://root:password@
> -vf "movie=/home/webcam/logo/glow.png [logo]; [in][logo]
> overlay=10:main_h-overlay_h-10 [out]"
> http://localhost:8090/feed1.ffm *

This exact same command line, just changing the inputs and output to file
that I have, with a fresh build of 0.10.6, works perfectly.

> [buffer @ 0x25745c0] w:1280 h:720 pixfmt:yuvj420p tb:1/1000000
> sar:1/1 sws_param:
> [scale @ 0x28bf740] w:1280 h:720 fmt:yuvj420p -> w:512 h:288
> fmt:yuv420p flags:0x4

You should be seeing an info line related to movie and two other related to
overlay, around here.

> On 11/13/2012 04:58 PM, Stefano Sabatini wrote:

Please do not top-post on this mailing-list.


  Nicolas George
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