[FFmpeg-user] Sinus error

Michael Raab Michael.Raab at iff.fraunhofer.de
Thu Nov 15 09:43:29 CET 2012


I've included libav* libraries into our software package. When capturing 
and encoding animations some interpolation calculations (including sin() 
calls) are done in our software.
The error occurs in our source code but is somehow related to libav. If I 
do the same calculations without capturing and encoding everything works 
as expected.
If I use the libav libraries that we used before (built nearly 1 year ago) 
the error does not occur.


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Datum:  14.11.2012 20:49
Betreff:        Re: [FFmpeg-user] Sinus error
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> I'm using ffmpeg to encode and save 3d animations created in our 
> Since using a recent ffmpeg build,
> I recognize sometimes strange fails (-1.#IND) when using the defaultt 
> std::sin() function. Does ffmpeg some kind of manipulations there?

where does this fail? are you using ffmpeg executable or libav*?
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