[FFmpeg-user] mixing 2 audio streams and orverlay video at the same time

JULIAN GARDNER joolzg at btinternet.com
Mon Nov 12 01:27:09 CET 2012

Has anybody got any demo of using amix in a complex_filter whilst also doing something like overlaying.

What i have is a source stream, audio and video, a video stream and an audio stream, im trying now to get the audio to mix, but just get a  filter error


ffmpeg -i a.ts -i udp:// -i udp:// -filter_complex '[0][1] overlay;[0][2] amix' -f mpegts -y new.ts

What happens is that the 2nd video and 2nd audio input are generated to only have audio/video at the correct time and this will be overlayed on the video, and mixed with the original audio, which will be silent at this point.

All i get is 'Error configuring filters'


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