[FFmpeg-user] Applying multiple v filters

Kosta Vlotis kosta.brazzers at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 16:59:28 CET 2012

im trying to do 3 things;
first: resize a video
seconds: pad the video to a certain resolution
third: apply a watermark to the new video

i tried the following -vf command but it doesn't give the desired result
(trying the resize a 1080p video to 720p THEN give it an aspect of 4x3 by
adding black bard to the top and bottom):

-vf "scale=1280:720 [in]; pad=1280:960:0:120:black [in], movie=WM_4x3.png
[logo]; [in] [logo] overlay=main_w-overlay_w-0:main_h-overlay_h-0 [out]"

can anyone help?

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