[FFmpeg-user] Unable to configure ffmpeg on FreeBSD

Tom Evans tevans.uk at googlemail.com
Tue Nov 6 18:21:18 CET 2012

Hi all

I have a problem getting ffmpeg's configure to work properly when
specifying "--cc" and "--as" on the configure line.

What seems to happen is that configure thinks that the "--as" argument
supplied is actually a c compiler, and tests to see if it is LLVM etc.

This hangs, because 'as -v' prints the version and then waits for
input ('cc -v' prints the version and exits).


> $ ./configure --as=/usr/local/bin/as --cc=/usr/local/bin/gcc46 --extra-libs=-L/usr/local/lib --extra-cflags="-I/usr/local/include"

> $ pstree 43143
-+= 43143 tom /bin/sh ./configure --as=/usr/local/bin/as
--cc=/usr/local/bin/gcc46 --extra-libs=-L/usr/local/lib
 |--- 43280 tom /usr/local/bin/as -v
 \--- 43281 tom grep -q ^gcc.*LLVM

This check is around line 2486 in my current sources (pulled today):

> $ grep -A 4 -B 1 -n gcc\.\*LLVM configure
2486:    if $_cc -v 2>&1 | grep -q '^gcc.*LLVM'; then
2487-        _type=llvm_gcc
2488-        gcc_extra_ver=$(expr "$($_cc --version | head -n1)" : '.*\((.*)\)')
2489-        _ident="llvm-gcc $($_cc -dumpversion) $gcc_extra_ver"
2490-        _depflags='-MMD -MF $(@:.o=.d) -MT $@'

I've tried re-ordering where --cc and --as appear, with no effect.
There are no CC or AS environment variables set.



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