[FFmpeg-user] Capturing from DVB-T card

Miroslav Rovis m.rovis at inet.hr
Fri Nov 2 20:38:39 CET 2012

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On 02/11/12 16:35, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> Miroslav Rovis <m.rovis <at> inet.hr> writes:
>> Of all you wrote (three replies, two from Carl Eugen and one from
>> Nicolas George) I currently only understand my ffmpeg is a little
>> old.
> My second comment was that you should not use pulse (but alsa), 
> afaiu Nicolas supported this.
> Finally, Nicolas explained that my suggestion to try the v4l2 
> timestamp options make no sense for you.

> Carl Eugen

Yeah, I figured it out (was in a hurry three hours ago).
It'll be huge change to revert to plain alsa.
In the meantime I capture separately, video with mencoder, with the
lines I gave, only modified, added nosound=1 in the profile, and
separately sound with ffmpeg, and later cut and join the two streams.
It's much more work, but I don't lose the quality at all. I get all
the card gets.

They described pulse as having fine future, but it doesn't seem to be
the case, does it?
I understand that it is no good for capturing with ffmpeg at this time.

But it seems additional work to revert to plain alsa,
So if I could get the mencoder to somehow capture sound as well, I'd
stay with pulseaudio.

So I think I'll go and ask about this issue on pulseaudio mailing list

If a solution isn't offered there, reverting to plain alsa seems the
right way to go.


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