[FFmpeg-user] Encoding SRT subtitle into an MPEG-TS stream

Matt Joiner anacrolix at gmail.com
Sat Jul 28 10:02:48 CEST 2012

I've seen several questions around regarding doing this, but nobody
seems to find a solution:

I'm transcoding arbitrary files to MPEGTS through a pipe. The subtitle
files are separate and have extension .srt.

Here's the command line I'm attempting:

ffmpeg -ss 0:3:50 -i movie.avi -i movie.srt -scodec dvbsub -target
pal-dvd pipe: | vlc -

This works just fine, with no errors, and the subtitle is listed under
the available subtitle tracks in VLC. But there are no subtitles

What is the appropriate subtitle codec to use for MPEG-TS (sending to
a Panasonic Viera TV)?

Must I separately seek the subtitle file too? (-ss)

I am using ffmpeg 0.11.1.

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