[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg-55ed91c and x264-d9d2288. Profile setting differs from output.

Tim Nicholson nichot20 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 23 09:19:13 CEST 2012

On 20/07/12 20:32, Joseph Rosensweig wrote:
> Hey all,
>    I assume I'm missing something really simple here.  But I'm not quite
> sure what I'm doing wrong.  I checked out the ffmpeg and x264 git versions
> indicated in my subject header.  I wanted to test out encoding H264 with
> high, high10, high422, and high444 using libx264.  However when I try to
> encode with anything above high, the output always just shows high rather
> than say high 4:2:2.  Here are a few examples:
> [...]

Have you realised that although x264 supports both 8 and 10 bit encoding
this must be specified at compile time, so you need to build two
versions to support both flavours...

> Any help here :-)?
> Thanks,
> JD
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