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Sat Jul 21 04:54:10 CEST 2012

Thanks very much for that Nicolas.

1) I think I would like to try the DrawText method you mentioned. I was a
bit unsure of your syntax though:

./ffmpeg_g -i video -vf "drawtext=fontfile=LinLibertine_R.otf:\ 
text=You should not be watching this:fontsize=40:\ 
x=W*(1-0.2*t):y=H+descent-ascent' output 

I take it I:

- I need to remove the ./
- Use ffmpeg instead of ffmpeg_g
- Use ascent" rather than ascent'

2) On my original command string, I did change the output file to FLV and as
a result was able to use a frame rate of 80 frames per second which mad it

c:\mytemp\ffmpeg -r 80 -y -f image2 -i  f:\mytemp\images\image%d.png

The result can be seen here: http://www.orbisoft.com/ffmpeg/video.flv

The sample text I used is here:

I used white "Arial", 26, FontStyle.Bold on a black rectangle background of
1920x50 pixels.

3) So using the method you mentioned I take it I would only need to add one
frame in total (the black rectangle) then the text would just scroll on
that? The blank frame is at: http://www.orbisoft.com/ffmpeg/image1.png

4) Would you be kind enough to tell me what the command line should be in
light of those parameters? I am hoping the file size of the resultant flv
created using your mentioned methodolgy may somehow be less than the 110 MB
for the full FLV I created by adding 100,000 or so png frames.


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