[FFmpeg-user] Newbie questions

Orbisoft Support inbox.mirror.orbisoft at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 12:52:44 CEST 2012


I have just used ffmpeg for the first time today. I have a few questions.

This is what I am trying to achieve:

- I want a horizontal news scroller video going across the bottom of the
- So I used ASP.NET VB code to create one wide bitmap image (25000 x 30
- On that image I used ASP.NET .DrawString to draw text (Arial 18 Bold)
based on one large text string which contained news item text from a RSS
- From that I extracted and saved 25000 png images, all 1920 x 30 pixels
but each starting at point x from the original image where x=x+1
- Then I used the following to create a movie of it:

c:\mytemp>ffmpeg -f image2 -i  c:\mytemp\images\image%d.png


1) What is the maximum frame rate I can use? Currently although it is
smooth, it takes about 33 seconds to go from right to left since it is only
moving at one pixel at a time. I want it to take about 12 seconds
2) Should I use PNG format images or choose something else (ASP.NET lets me
choose the image format to Save As)?
3) I want to embed the movie on a webpage. What then is the best video
format for that?
4) Are there any other things I should do to optimize the quality,
smoothness and file size? Currently the movie is 92 MB.


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