[FFmpeg-user] Zeranoe Windows builds spiking CPU to 100% randomly

Roger Pack rogerdpack2 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 10:23:04 CEST 2012

>> Have you tried ctrl-c within gdb? It might work...
>> gdb can "attach" to remote processes, though I'm not sure if this
>> works in windows...
> CTRL-C drops you out of gdb immediately :(

That's odd traditionally (for me at least) it's dropped me to the gdb
prompt. Odd...

> Every time I've tried it, as soon as sleepy "sees" the ffmpeg binary,
> the lockups stop :(

Eureka! The answer to our problems! LOL. Just kidding.

Appears that using gprof isn't an option for ffmpeg (?) so maybe other
profilers would work:
or vtune perhaps.

How do people normally profile ffmpeg? oprofile?

Also did you try attaching gdb to the running spiked process?

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