[FFmpeg-user] Tagging audio channels

Tim Nicholson nichot20 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 13 16:35:58 CEST 2012

On 13/07/12 14:42, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> Tim Nicholson <nichot20 <at> yahoo.com> writes:
>>>> Yes. Not uncommon in .mov to have L R L R.
>>> Could you provide a sample?
>> http://www.datafilehost.com/download-cb948a88.html
> The file has four streams, you were originally asking to 
> tag a stream with four channels as LRLR, I don't think this 
> is (easily) possible.

True, sorry to confuse, but in Quicktime you can have it for either layout..

4ch 1 stream version L/R L/R:-


I was just trying to see if it was possible in any way shape or form,
and had come to the conclusion it was unlikely...
I think from what you say that is still the case.
> Carl Eugen
> [..]


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