[FFmpeg-user] Noisy Output - Transcoding MXF to x264

Joshua Tidsbury Joshua.Tidsbury at bellmedia.ca
Thu Jul 12 18:12:47 CEST 2012

What do you mean with noisy?

I mean that I get the repeated (with incrementing values):

PTS 268, next:14914866 invalid dropping st:1
DTS 269, next:14981595 st:1 invalid dropping

many times for every progress update, for every channel of audio being decoded.

...sorry! Does this help?

(Please do not top-post here.)

No, sorry I was unclear / we are having difficulties communicating
in a foreign language;-)

I also think that he didn't mean to reply to my thread… :)

I will differently:
Is the problem also reproducible with -an or -vn (which one)?

If I omit audio (-an) it does not occur. If I omit video (-vn) it still occurs.

I will test against the current git head and let you know.

Thank you,

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