[FFmpeg-user] 2.3 Gazillion

Anne at Picaflor Azul info at picaflor-azul.com
Thu Jul 12 17:10:52 CEST 2012


Regarding the output of the following command,

ffmpeg -f x11grab -r 30 -s 1920x1080 -i :0.0 out.mov

I got the following comment from a professional dvd replicating person:

The sample file works excellently and we can convert and author
with this a s a base format. It is H.264 and is a very
efficient but highly compressed format.  I might ask what other
choices there are but if you like this one, we can do anything
with it.

If this guy is correct, and I suspect he is, this means that my problem is
in the conversion from the .mov to the .vob. Here are the commands I am
using to make the vob files:

ffmpeg -i output.mkv -c:v mpeg2video -mbd 2 -trellis 2 -cmp 2 -subcmp 2 -g
100 -pass 1 -b:v 8000k -s 720x480 -r 29.97 -an -f rawvideo -y /dev/null

ffmpeg -i output.mkv -mbd 2 -trellis 2 -cmp 2 -subcmp 2 -g 100 -pass 2
-target ntsc-dvd -aspect 16:9 recording-filename2pass.vob



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