[FFmpeg-user] Decode and encode mpeg2 video

Dhaval Shah dhaval.shah at fugital.com
Tue Jul 10 07:43:37 CEST 2012


Thanks for the suggestion.
I have set all the parameters as per sample tutorial which successfully
decode the mpeg 2 video.
Still that parameters could not help me in my application.
Add on I had also tried to open decoder as per sample application by giving
input file but result was same.
My video resolution is 720x576.
Is there any problem with this resolution.
Because my code is working with 704x576 resolution video.
So I have doubt on resolution.

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> I am trying to decode mpeg2 video in yuv and then encode it in mpeg2
> I have successfully done it with h264 video by using x264 library of
> But I did not get proper yuv data while decoding mpeg2 video.
> Let me know if anyone had done it with mpeg2 video.
> May be I am using wrong library.
> pls suggest me the proper AVCodecContext setting to decode and encode
> mpeg2video.

Yours is, I suppose, more of a question for the libav-user group,
but...if I were
you I would try and get it to "work" with ffmpeg on the command line,
then check/see which values it passes through for the pixel format,
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