[FFmpeg-user] Excessive reporting with -report option in latest FFMPEG builds

Erling Groenlund erling at traduflex.dk
Thu Jul 5 23:12:12 CEST 2012

Hi again,

Thanks for your quick, kind and helpful answer!

> In short: no. The -report option is for bug reports, and as such must
> include all possibly relevant information. A warning produced by the
> encoding process is clearly possibly relevant, so it must be there.

Yes, I agree - but in any case it seems that the reporting detail level 
has changed from the January build to the May/June builds, right?


> I can suggest, right now, "-r 1 -an -f framecrc progress.crc", it will write
> one line for each second worth of video encoded. In the longest run, maybe
> you should open another Trac ticket, of the "enhancement/wish"
> type/priority, requesting a script-friendly progress output.

Thank you - I tried that, and it works and seems worth the reprogramming 
effort; however, I think you mean 'one line for every frame'; at least 
that is what I get with those parameters.

It would of course be nice to have FFMPEG output the progress to, say, a 
file of just a single line being overwritten by the next line of 
progress information (preferably at a user-defined interval), so I think 
I will raise that suggestion in an 'enhancement' ticket, like you propose.

Thank you for your effort - and for an otherwise absolutely brilliant tool!

Erling G.,

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