[FFmpeg-user] Newbe question re Generating Videos of Still Images

P.J.G. Long pjgl2 at cam.ac.uk
Sat Jan 21 07:55:37 CET 2012

  I apologies if there is a well know answer to this.

  I am interested in generating a video of a series of static images where 
the image changes every 1-200 secs which is then partially overlaid by a 
dynamic video. I have code that achieves this if the nominally static video 
is a camera output video. I have how ever been trying to encode the raw 
graphic image, e.g. jpg,png.. , as the original video in the hope that as 
there would be no noise from frame-to-frame the filesize would be 
substantially decreased. I have been settled on the following command

 ffmpeg -i aa-0.png -t 10 -loop_input  temp12.flv

 e.g 10 seconds video of the image aa-0.png. However the files generated 
seem to be approximately image-size x fps x time, no saving for being a 
non-changing image, irrespective of the output format or -b rate. Is there 
any way to minimise the resultant filesize without losing resolution using 

  Thank you in advance for any advice


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