[FFmpeg-user] Other compilations problems

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Wed Jan 18 01:04:34 CET 2012

aple ex <exampte01 <at> hotmail.fr> writes:

> [test <at> ltest ffmpeg]$ make V=1 ffmpeg_g

> -lavutil -ldl -lva -lasound -lSDL -lpthread -lm -pthread -lbz2 -lz 

> [test <at> ltest ffmpeg]$ 
> And the result of the make V=1 after  this :./configure --enable-frei0r
--disable-ffserver && make is 

> -lavutil -lva -lasound -lSDL -lpthread -lm -pthread -lbz2 -lz 

Thank you, I understand the problem now (it fails because $ldl is only added to
the extra-ldflags if ffserver is enabled).

Could you try to add the following line (and an empty line) to the file
configure, before the line starting with "enabled x11grab" (~line 3220)?

enabled frei0r && add_extralibs $ldl

Carl Eugen

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