[FFmpeg-user] Support for HE-AAC v1

Tarun singhal tsinghal18 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 12:18:40 CET 2012

Hi all,
I have been able to enable libaacplus library in ffmpeg v0.9. But I got to
know that aacplus library includes support for HE-AAC v2 profile.
Is there any library available for HE-AAC v1 profile support.
For those who want to know, that why I want to do that, Because HE-AAC v2
support only mono and stereo encoding. If I want 5 channels, than it seems
impossible in HE-AAC v2.
I also looked into aacplusenc.c file. There is a assert method used to
validate number of channels are 1 or 2. And if they have used assert method
that certainly means that it doesnt support more than 2 channels.
So please ASAP, tell me if any body knows, how to do HE-AAC v1 encoding


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