[FFmpeg-user] question : Inserting text and multi Graphic card

bino oetomo bino at indoakses-online.com
Sat Jan 7 07:49:42 CET 2012

On 01/06/2012 05:58 PM, dE . wrote:
> Play? I think mplayer or VLC will do that better.
> For the ticker -- yes, you have to use ffmpeg to edit the input stream 
> and add the ticker, then pipe the output to mplayer, vlc, ffplay or 
> other players -- then it can be streamed to different screen.
> I've no idea on how to generate the ticker video (which will form an 
> overlay on the original video), but feeding it to ffmpeg can be done 
> through loop devices.
What about using libavfilter ?

I read

Somewhere it says :
Show a text line sliding from right to left in the last row of the video 
frame. The file 'LONG_LINE' is assumed to contain a single line with no 


How to use it with ffmpeg (example ?)


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