[FFmpeg-user] image Overlay

Lorenz Martens lorenz.martens at sogidia.com
Thu Jan 5 09:10:19 CET 2012

Hi Phil

I think in general you are right, but sometimes customers have Ideas and we have to solve.
In my case they want me to render overlays to parts of an 4+ hour file.

My next idea was to create an overlay video file ( same length as main file ) with transparent Images and overlay images.
But the next problem is coming up when i try to create an video file with transparency.

> Has anyone thought that it might be necessary, not to say desirable, to  
> write an actual nonlinear editing app at some point?
> Quite commonly I see people on this list trying to do some quite  
> labyrinthine things with the commandline which in my view would be far  
> better done in a UI.
> P

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