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Fantastic, a real classic 419 scam.  It's been a while since I've seen one
of these.

If you don't recognise it, here are the details.


People do fall for these schemes, in spite of the fact that they look so

Be careful.


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Attn: From. Barrister joshua yohana.

With due respect I am barrister joshua yohana.resident attorney here in
Burkina Faso to late Mr. Didier Zokoura from Abidjan who died along with his
wife and only daughter on car accident in his country. Late Mr. Didier
Zokoura is a Cocoa merchant before his death that is how he made his money.

Late Mr. Didier Zokoura have the sum of twenty million five hundred thousand
united states dollars ($20.5M USD) with African development bank Burkina
Faso, my personal reason of contacting you is that I want us to transfer
this money into your account in your country as a deal.

This account has been dormant without nobody coming for the claim for that
reason I want us to join hands together to transfer this money into your
account as a deal to enable me reallocate to your country.
thanks in anticipation of your responds

Barristerjoshua yohana.
Chambers & Associate
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