[FFmpeg-user] Render images to video with overlaid logo

Seattle Chaz seattlechaz at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 4 01:41:33 CET 2012

Greetings all:

True ffmpeg noob here.  I have a quality control problem.  I
successfully rendered my image sequence to video THEN rendered the video
with an overlaid logo.  After the 2nd rendering pass, the video is
visibly degraded.

Can this be done in a single render, i.e. render the image sequence to
video AND overlay the logo?  Thanks in advance.


        Creating an MPEG-4 file from all the JPEG files in the current

mencoder mf://*.jpg -mf w=800:h=600:fps=25:type=jpg -ovc lavc \
    -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:mbd=2:trell -oac copy -o output.avi

        Overlay the logo to the lower right corner on an existing video.
ffmpeg -i output.avi -vf "movie=hope.png [logo];[in][logo] overlay=W-w-10:H-h-10 [out]" -vcodec libx264 hope.mp4

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