[FFmpeg-user] FFMPEG 0.8.5 : AC3 (a52) codec unrecognized while receving RTSP stream

Ashish Mathur mail2ashi.86 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 05:11:06 CET 2011


I am using FFMPEG 0.8.5 to receive RTSP streams. Just to be sure that
it works fine for all kind of elementary streams, i used ffprobe
application to probe and recognize the codecs of the incoming RTSP

Whenever i stream H.264 video stream and AC3(aka a52) audio stream
through VLC( using its RTSP server) , and try probing it using ffprobe
command on the client side, I get :

[rtsp @ 0x1165c400] audio codec set to: (null)
[rtsp @ 0x1165c400] audio samplerate set to: 48000
[rtsp @ 0x1165c400] audio channels set to: 6
[rtsp @ 0x1165c400] video codec set to: h264
[NULL @ 0x11662720] RTP Packetization Mode: 1
[NULL @ 0x11662720] RTP Profile IDC: 64 Profile IOP: 0 Level: 29

FFMPEG 0.8.5 RTSP client is not able to recognize AC3(aka a52) audio
codec. Hence, even when i play these RTSP streams using FFMPEG 0.8.5
only the video H.264 stream gets played.

Is this a known issue with FFMPEG 0.8.5? Or is there a fix to it in
the latest FFMPEG versions?


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