[FFmpeg-user] Enabling 'rtsp' demuxer in FFMPEG 0.8.5

Ashish Mathur mail2ashi.86 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 24 05:12:27 CET 2011


I am new to ffmpeg and am using ffmpeg 0.8.5. I want to utilize rtsp
demuxer of ffmpeg  to receive rtsp stream and play it. However, I am
facing the following issue. Please help me in solving it:

Issue:  How do we enable 'rtsp' demuxer in ffmpeg 0.8.5 stack?
In av_register_all() there is a call to REGISTER_MUXDEMUX(RTSP, rtsp)
but when i run configure in the list of enabled demuxers there is no
'RTSP' demuxer. I saw the dynamically generated config.h and
config.mak and in both, rtsp demuxer is defined with value 0 or
disabled. What exactly should be done to enable rtsp demuxer?

Thanks in advance for any dort of help.


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