[FFmpeg-user] FFplay monitoring gig.

Dennis mediastream at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 19:32:33 CET 2011

Can someone build this for me? I'm ok with publishing it under GPL. Let me
know the time for and cost of work. Payment per module, upon completion.

*in brackets are (required  API/config parameters)

1. Arrange multiple FFplay players side by side on a screen in xWindows.
(window position)

2. While streaming, each player can generate a screenshot with a timestamp
overlay. (encoding parameters/time interval/time stamp

3. Entire layout encoded live. (encoding parameters)

4. Audio meter overlay on top of video e.g. Green/yellow/red VU meter. (API
for VU meter template)

5. Freeze frame detection. (tolerance to % change and duration).

6. Silence/"too loud" detection (tolerance to db levels and duration).

7. Monitor network traffic, and if session traffic drops to 0 kbps Tx/Rx,
then tear down and attempt to re-establish the session. (number of tries)

8. If session is terminated - attempt to re-establish the session. (number
of tries)

9. Cycle multiple players in the same xWindows position. (layout config)

10. Allow monitoring only  for freeze frame/silence/RxTx without
displaying. (save events to log, notify on err)

11. Change configuration without restart. (config file)

12. Notify on err with a flashing red frame over the video / email / log.


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