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I wrote before but didn't get any replies.

Here's the situation;

My hard drive wrecked and was unrecoverable.

The machine is running XP.

I used CopyTrans to successfully (believe it or not) to move ALL of my
iPod's music and videos over to the new hard drive with a new install on

For whatever reason my iPod no longer plays certain videos completely or
can't be transferred from iTunes to the iPod.  But, the same videos will
play perfectly when played from the hard drive.  The same thing happens
when I download a video from Youtube (360- mp4) and try to put it on the
iPod- it plays locally but won't transfer to the iPod (iTunes says the
format isn't compatible or some such nonsense).  Another problem is that
the videos on the iPod will play part way through and then will appear
in fast motion until the end of the video.

I did have a backup of all the music and videos on a separate drive and
have tried using those videos in case there was some corruption which
occurred during the transfer from the iPod back to the new hard drive. 
The same thing happens as stated above.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

Is the following assumption correct?

1.  When a video is downloaded from Youtube in mp4 format that video has
a specific audio format, bit rate, aspect ratio which unless converted
to a format that iPod's will "read" it can't be played successfully on
an iPod's.

If the assumption is correct, what is a FFMPEG code line to convert the
video so it'll play on an iPod?  Which do you use?

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