[FFmpeg-user] trouble with -vcodec copy

Arlo Leach lists at arlomedia.com
Fri Nov 18 22:20:12 CET 2011

> Yes, but I suspect you don't see the "blank video" with MPlayer (or ffplay), but
> QuickTime does not want to display the initial non-key frames that are copied
> with the first of your command lines 

Hmm, that could be. I don't have any media player on my Mac that doesn't seem to be QuickTime-based. If anyone else is curious about this, you can try playing this file in a different player and see if the video starts right away or after about 8 seconds:


> I don't think -g has any effect with -vcodec copy. (But if you mean you first
> encode the sample and cut it later, than more keyframes of course increase the
> seeking accuracy.)

Yes, that's what I meant -- thanks for confirming.



Arlo Leach

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